It’s winter in Tulsa and your grass won’t grow, but somehow, a handful of weeds like cheat, downy brome, and little barley seem to thrive. And so while you are doing your best to stay warm and cozy inside, your once pristine lawn is starting to show signs of invasions, degradation, and weed growth.

As frustrating as this can be, it’s a normal part of the annual flora cycle of Oklahoma, but that doesn’t mean that you need to let it ruin your lawn. And if let alone, that’s exactly what these turf-invading pests will do.

Thankfully, no matter the time of year it is, Lawnovations in Tulsa is here to serve the great area with weed management services — even for winter weeds — and we do it better than anyone else. In today’s blog, we’ll examine what it takes to effectively keep winter weeds at bay and why it matters.

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Why Are Weeds A Problem?

Think of it this way: your lawn is an environment with limited space, limited resources, and limited time to grow properly. Weeds compete with your grass and steal the sun, water, nutrients, and other resources that your lawn needs to grow and thrive. Worse, yet, weeds are prolifically resilient and propagate quickly, meaning that much of what will kill your grass, will leave weeds intact to take over even further.

Weeds struggle to establish themselves in a dense, healthy turf system and thrive when your lawn suffers from damage, cold, and other stress. In short, winter is the time when your lawn is the most vulnerable to an invasion or re-emergence of weeds.

Know Your Weeds

Knowing what kind of weeds you are dealing with matters. Not all weeds are equal, and not all weeds require the same kinds of treatments to control and eliminate. And while many weed-killer products will work on many types of weeds, they can also fail to eliminate the threat, they can damage your lawn — allowing for new weeds to grow — and for some types of weeds, they are just a waste of money.

For a complete list of annual, bi-annual, and perennial weeds common to the Tulsa area, check out this resource from Oklahoma State University.

How To Handle Weeds

There are a few different ways that you can handle your weeds, but the easiest and most effective method is to call Lawnovations in Tulsa to help. Here are some other ways to approach it.

Hand Pulling

When you have a healthy turf system and only a few weeds, hand pulling can be effective. However, this is only recommended for broadleaf weeds with shallow roots, and pulling should take place after rain or gentle watering has soaked in to avoid as much damage to your grass as possible.

Pre- and Post-Emergent Treatment

Treating your lawn both before weeds show up and after they arrive with various herbicides can be effective if you know what products to use. This can be time-consuming, and it’s easy for the average homeowner to get it wrong.


A healthy lawn is the best solution to prevent weeds, and the best way to maintain a healthy lawn is to get help from an established, professional lawn care and weed control company.

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