Fertilizing your lawn is an important part of a good lawn care routine, along with regular weeding, watering, mowing, and aeration. However, choosing and applying the proper fertilizer for your lawn may not be as easy as the commercials from the Home Depot would like you to believe.

At Lawnovations in Tulsa, we’re lawn care and fertilization specialists, and we know what it takes to keep even the stingiest of local lawns green in the growing season, primed for growth and healthy in the winter, and weed-free all year round.

In today’s blog, we’ll take a look at some of the most common fertilization errors people make, so you can be on the lookout for things to avoid. We’re also happy to help with one-time fertilization and ongoing lawn care maintenance programs. To learn more or to get started, get in touch with us today.

It’s Easy to Use The Wrong Fertilizer

The kind of fertilizer you should use depends on what kind of soil you have in your yard. And while your grass may benefit a little from just any old soil, variances in soil composition and PH levels can have a big impact on what kind of lawn fertilizer will work best, and may even help you determine whether your soil needs a pre-treatment to raise or lower its PH for the best possible results. 

It’s Easy To Over-Fertilize

Knowing how much fertilizer to place on your lawn is something that most homeowners aren’t 100% sure about, and more often than not, they will over-fertilize, which is a problem on a couple of levels.

First, over-fertilizing is the opposite of what you’re going for when taking time and money out of your life for proper lawn care as it can actually create chemical imbalances in your grass that stifle growth, cause discoloration, and make it more susceptible to disease.

But even worse than that, excess fertilizer — or fertilizer that is applied wrong — can run off of your lawn and make its way into groundwater, lakes, and rivers, causing damage to local wildlife and over time, with enough people contributing, threaten our natural spaces.

It’s Easy To Fertilize At The Wrong Time

Believe it or not, there is a right and a wrong time to fertilize your lawn. But even using the right fertilizing schedule can be tricky since this choice depends on soil type, grass type, and general conditions in your area. At Lawnovations, we can help you determine what the best schedule for your lawn care routine is.

It’s Easy To Lay Fertilizer Wrong

While different experts may have different approaches to what they consider the right way to put fertilizer down, they all agree that there are certain things you should never do.

Fertilizer should always be kept away from water sources and run-off areas, and any leftover fertilizer that remains on a hard surface, like a stone path or sidewalk, after treating should be swept up and either returned to the bag or disposed of responsibly.

Let The Local Fertilizer Experts At Lawnovations Help This Year

At Lawnovations, we not only provide expert fertilization and lawn care for your home’s turf, but we also do it with the same kind of care we treat our own lawns with. Get in touch today to schedule an appointment to get help growing a lawn you can be proud of.