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With proper mowing and watering, your lawn is sure to be lush and green for years to come!

Our Premium 7-Step Fertilization and Weed Control Program Includes:

Step 1: Winter Weed Control – Pre-Emergent Treatment (Jan – Mar)
Step 2: Spring Weed Control – Pre-Emergent Treatment (Mar - Apr)
Step 3: Spring Fertilizer Treatment (Apr – May)
Step 4: First Summer Fertilizer Treatment (May – Jun)
Step 5: Second Summer Fertilizer Treatment (Jul – Aug)
Step 6: Fall Weed Control – Pre-Emergent (Late August – Sept)
Step 7: pH Balance (Sept – Nov)

Additional Services **Fees Apply**

  • Aeration
  • Over-Seeding
  • Deep Root Tree and Shrub Fertilization
  • Azalea Fertilization

What is Fertilization & Weed Control?

Fertilization and weed control refers to the tasks and services that are routinely and carefully conducted on your outdoor space to maintain a clean and luscious lawn. Fertilization and weed control can be as simple as a routine full coverage fertilization project, or as complex as continual application of the fertilization and weed treatment to ensure your property is green with grass as opposed to pesky invasive weeds.


The Purpose Of Fertilization and Weed Control

Fertilization and weed control is a task that seems optional when first owning a new property, but quickly becomes a necessity for your daily life when you are able to realize the benefits that come with it (and the consequences associated with neglecting it). Fertilization and weed control serves a different purpose for each client, though the foundation behind the reasoning remains the same. It is important for you to consider your needs and current lawn situation for your specific requests when scheduling a consultation with our company. By having an idea of what you want out of your outdoor landscape, it will help us figure out and generate ways we think you can mold your typical lawn situation into one of wonder and enjoyment!


Fertilization and Weed Control Helps Keep Your Property Healthy

When it comes to Tulsa, Oklahoma, there are plenty of lush green areas and welcoming environments for civilians and wildlife. With that invitation, however, come pests and weeds that can potentially invade and cause harm to your lawn. Because weeds are an invasive species, they tend to find struggling lawns in which they can invade and suck the nutrients up, depriving the injured lawn even further.

If you have a lawn that is inherently unmaintained, there is a clear and open invitation for these invasive plants to creep up and drain your lawn of all other life. This will lead to further landscape issues and an overall unhealthy atmosphere of your property. By simply maintaining your yard with proper fertilization and weed control, these dangerous plants will be deprived of the opportunity to cause damage to the landscape you have worked hard to protect.

Fertilization and Weed Control Keeps Your Landscape Environmentally Functional

With the environmental decline that we have seen over the years, it is no surprise that homeowners try everything they can to contribute to the overall efficiency of their property to help repel negative impact. One of the main contributing factors to environmental change on a property to property basis is the water used to maintain a healthy lawn. Lawns that are not properly fertilized and maintained for weed control tend to use a lot more water to keep the property looking healthy. While the lawn might look green and lush with the amount of water being used to maintain the visual appeal, the truth is that underneath the facade of green blades is an unhealthy system of poor rooting and invasive predators such as weeds.

With proper fertilization and weed control, however, your lawn will require less water overall to gain the green appeal that is actually true and not just a cover-up. Fertilization and weed control will allow the lawn to properly root into the ground, allowing whatever water they receive to hold as opposed to seeping directly through the ground or pooling up on the surface. This means you will have deep waterings at a less frequent pace, contributing to an overall conservation of water that will help sustain the environment for years to come.


Fertilization and Weed Control Increases the Appeal of Your landscape

When it comes to homeowners and their properties, visual appeal to them and their guests is worth almost as much as the price tag on the area. Having a beautiful house or building is one thing, but if the surrounding outdoor environment is unkempt, it can detract from the overall aesthetic portrayed by the property. By incorporating proper fertilization and weed control into your property, you can help ensure that your property gives off a lively vibe, as opposed to a barren feeling. In many cases, fertilization and weed control will promote a visually appealing aesthetic to the property, causing some to turn their heads to catch another glance at it. This is especially beneficial when thinking about relocating or selling the current property. Having a “head-turning” property equipped with a properly fertilized lawn will help you stand out among other real estate listings, and will make your property desirable to those who want a true stand out property

Professional Fertilization and Weed Control With Lawnovations

Implementing proper fertilization and weed control can positively impact yourself, your family, friends, neighbors, and the value of the property itself. Here at Lawnovations, we offer complete start-to-finish lawn maintenance services, including fertilization and weed control. Whether you have an idea set in your head for how you envision the property, or you have never considered it until now and are interested in learning more, be sure to contact the friendly team of Lawnovations for swift assistance and expertise!

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Client Testimonials

  • Celia PosadaCelia Posada

    I have been using Lawnovations for all my landscaping needs for about a year now and would recommend them for anyone. Th entire team has been great to work with! Ray does a fantastic job spraying chemicals on the lawn, two thumbs up! 👍
    Michelle has been great to work with. She worked on a design for renovating my front yard flower bed and I'm excited to see how this turns out! 😁
    Jacque is also great to work with and is very prompt with getting back to me with any concerns I have. She is also very sweet and thoughtful - she sent me a card when I was not feeling well.

  • Andrew PriceAndrew Price

    We first used Lawnovations for landscaping, drainage and irrigation on our new build in Sand Springs with John Madden, per his recommendation. Josh, Michael, Michelle and crew did an overall outstanding job. Working with Josh and Michelle on design and plant choices was easy and fun while Michael and crew did a great job putting it all together. Our site was kept clean throughout the process and the plant and tree choices worked well with our design and only had a few items not survive. And these were promptly replaced with no hassle. The quality of work is very good and we were impressed enough with the initial work that we've had them back for multiple projects, including landscaping around our pool and multiple rounds of evergreen tree plantings. I've also been in touch with Michael on several occasions to ask questions about the irrigation system and he even ordered and delivered additional steel edging for DIY projects so everything would match. We've even recently asked them to do some of our summer lawn care like fertilization and weed control. I'd highly recommend anyone looking for great work at a competitive price to give Lawnovations a serious consideration.

  • Haven WillisHaven Willis

    My first contact with Lawnovations was yesterday. Jackie returned my phone call in minutes and she was so professional, efficient, knowledgeable and answered all of my questions. She measured my yard as we spoke via google earth or some other method they use and gave me a quote on the spot. In 15 minutes, Jackie had signed me up for a treatment scheduled for the afternoon and took my payment over the phone. I love efficiency and customer service. The price was perfect. The technician called me on his way to my house so I could make sure my senior dogs were not able to get out. He seemed to really care that my pets were safe. He was great like Jackie. My takeaway from this is that Josh Eberth is running a great company and has modeled a culture of customer service and focus. It showed in every aspect of my experience and I’m so excited to continue doing business with Lawnovations. I’m going to look into using more of their many services listed on their user friendly website! I’m also going to tell everyone I can to use this company for their lawn and landscaping needs!

  • Heidi GrayHeidi Gray

    Lawnovations operates with detailed precision. They are very intentional in planning for the elements that affect a yard and taking the absolute best care of it. From weed and fertilizer to landscaping, this should be your go-to team!

  • Cass FilhiolCass Filhiol

    Ray is polite, professional and extremely knowledgeable. The ladies in the office are always helpful and prompt to help when we call in. I would recommend this company above any other. Our lawn looks amazing thanks guys.