There’s nothing better than opening up the back door to a luscious lawn full of vibrant colors and life. Whether it’s taking care of various natural habitats, planting annual or perennial flowers, or just keeping up with rapidly growing grass, proper lawn care is essential in properly achieving these goals. Even further, implementing these techniques correctly and staying up to date with your landscaping can add benefits to the property value of your home. Read on to learn more about different ways you can add additional value to your property through effective landscaping.

Planting Trees

Planting effective trees in the right areas of your property can lower energy use and improve your property value. Depending on the type of tree planted, it can block any bad views you might have, add shading to needed areas, and muffle noisy areas from neighbors, the street, or other potential outlets. In addition, trees can add beauty to your property, especially in the fall months with changing leaves. Adding shade trees on the south and west-facing areas of the lawn will help reduce energy costs in the winter and summer months, with massive savings coming during hot times. This is because this shade will help alleviate some of the sun that enters the home, allowing you to utilize your air conditioning sparingly. An average tree produces enough oxygen for an entire family and helps remove much of the CO2 present in a neighborhood atmosphere. Trees also soak up stormwater runoff and filter the water that seeps into your property’s grounds.

While you might think to plant as many trees as possible, it is important to plant them in a tasteful and sparing way. Adding too many trees creates a backyard forest that can drain all the nutrients from other wildlife, so consulting with a professional landscaping company can help you envision and effectively plant trees to increase your property appeal and value.

Water Implementation

The sounds, visuals, and feelings of flowing water help turn a yard into a sanctuary. Similarly to trees, water can help block unwanted noise. But in addition to just blocking noise, water adds noise back in to create a peaceful atmosphere in the landscape. This water will also attract birds and butterflies to the property, allowing nature to be right at your doorstep. If you incorporate a small pond with koi fish, or a water fountain fit for bathing birds, the value of your property increases as it is seen as a place of peace. Combining this sense of water with a great area for sitting allows residents and guests to tap into their natural surroundings.

Native Plants

Knowing which plants are native to the area is a huge advantage in your quest for incredible landscaping and enhanced property value. Native plants that are commonly found throughout the surrounding environment can produce great benefits when incorporated into your landscape design. These plants typically require less water consumption than planted “unnatural” species, and they also will be more resistant to the pests that can invade the area. This is a cost-saving benefit that can become a great selling point when discussing the value of the entire property. Native plants will also be able to better take care of themselves, allowing for less maintenance to retain the same amount of beauty. Native plants also pair well with the implementation of a water source (birdbath or pond) because these plants will produce seeds, nuts, fruits, and nectar for the native birds and butterflies to enjoy. This will assist in the transformation of your home becoming a sanctuary and oasis for all forms of life to be in harmony with each other.

Doing It The Right Way

While implementing these various techniques into your property can increase design and monetary value, it has to be done the right way. This means effective planning and thought will need to go into the project. Simply planting trees, constructing birdbaths, and throwing native plants into the mix is not an effective strategy for increasing property value, and can actually inhibit the benefits and reduce the property value if done incorrectly. This is because, without planning, you might not be able to visualize how the landscape will look years from now. If not done correctly, what looks good today can look disorganized and distasteful in a short time period.

If you’re concerned about your budget or that it won’t look good if completed in stages, this is simply not true. Effective planning with a trusted professional landscape company can help complete your project in effective steps with allocated budgeting in mind.

The Job Isn’t Over After Implementation

Once you have all of your landscape assets in place, that does not mean that the job is over. Effective maintenance is important to ensure long-term effectiveness and property value increase.

Professional Planning and Landscaping With Lawnovations

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