When it comes to choosing the right kind of landscape lighting for your Tulsa home, it can be challenging to know where to start, especially if you’re not the kind of person who has an easy time visualizing in your mind’s eye. Thankfully, Lawnovations — Tulsa’s trusted outdoor lighting and landscape experts — are here to help by highlighting seven of the most popular, most attractive, and most functional styles of landscape lighting for your Tulsa home.

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Choose With Confidence

Before we go any deeper into the post, let us assure you that any choice you make to improve your home’s outdoor lighting is going to be a good one — especially when handled by a team of professional installers who can make your vision a reality.

Furthermore, outdoor lighting improves the safety, functionality, aesthetics, and possibly even the value of your home. So when you decide to invest in professional landscape lighting, you can be confident that you’re making a smart choice.

Path Lighting

This is, by far, the most common form of lighting that we install for residents of Tulsa and the surrounding communities, and there are a few reasons why. However, most of them center around the fact that path lighting is incredibly diverse and comes at a very attractive price point. 

In terms of functional landscape lighting, it’s hard to beat path lighting. Whether you have a walkway, stone path, or long driveway path lighting offers visibility that encourages sure footing and reduces accidents. Some people even choose to place it along garden beds by the sidewalk to help ensure that passersby don’t accidentally trample on flowers that have been tended with love and care.

Aesthetically, landscape lighting along a path can come in many shapes, styles, and sizes, allowing you to easily customize it to fit the milieux of your home perfectly. It is also an excellent way to enjoy the colors of your outdoor flora even in the darkest hours of the day or to highlight stone gardens, water features, or other decorative landscaping you have invested in.

And finally, path lighting works well on its own or as an integral part of a larger landscape lighting installation that includes tiers, or layers, of lights to help your home looks its best.

Silhouette Lighting

Silhouette lighting can be a bit more situationally appropriate, but when you have the ability for this style of landscape lighting, it’s hard to imagine anything more impressive or dynamic.

Homes that have nice landscaping, particularly close to walls, fences, or other “backdrops” can benefit immensely from silhouette lighting.

This type of lighting scheme is accomplished by placing landscape lighting behind objects like shaped shrubs, rowed bushes, and other landscaping to allow the light to burst from around the edges and create a dynamic shadow against the backdrop of your property. It’s another significant element of multi-layered landscape lighting installations.


Uplighting takes advantage of projecting lights into trees or upon other tall structures such as a turret or other architectural features of your home.

Uplighting, when done correctly, can provide dramatic and eye-catching effects. However, we typically recommend that uplighting not be overused as it helps to provide a focal point within many landscape lighting designs, but can quickly create more of an “air-raid” effect when taken to the extreme.

Wall Wash Lighting

Wall wash lighting is an excellent way to provide an even layer of clean light across vertical surfaces that provide depth, texture, or color to the overall lighting plan for your home.

By placing ground lights at a moderate distance from a wall, hedge, fence, or mural in even intervals, wall wash lighting can illuminate space clearly and effectively. This is another technique that our landscape lighting professionals recommend leaving to experts as it is best used as a way to create a focal point or establish depth and contrast within your landscape lighting installation. 

However, when placed improperly or when the wrong kind of lighting is used, glares, bright spots, and other undesired effects easily appear and can detract from your landscape lighting’s beauty and purpose.

Wall Grazing Lighting

In contrast to wall wash lighting which bathes a vertical surface in even, clean light, wall grazing lighting is meant to provide a more dynamic, shadowed appearance that is more about style than focus.

Wall grazing lighting is accomplished in much the same way as wall wash lighting except that lights are placed closer to the vertical surface and you can play more with angles and spacing to create the kinds of effects you are looking for.

In some situations, multi-grazed lighting can also cast tiers of gradients across the surface. When this application is appropriate, it can be the ultimate accent piece within your overall landscape lighting plan.

Shadow Lighting

Shadow lighting is the opposite of silhouette lighting in that light is projected against an object with the purpose of casting shadows against a vertical surface.

Effective shadow lighting typically takes a keen eye to ensure that the landscape lighting fixture you are using is placed at the ideal distance and angle from the target object to get the shadow to cast properly. This can be even more challenging if you are creating a row or sequence of shadow lighting effects against a non-identical object like a rob of Cyprus trees or statues.

Natural Moon Lighting

The trickiest of all of the seven styles of lighting we are covering here today and easily the style that is best left to the professionals, natural moon lighting is accomplished by rigging lighting at the top of a tree and splashing it down through the branches and onto the ground.

The necessity of precarious placement, ladder work, and sometimes tree climbing gear makes this kind of lighting almost impossible for many homeowners without the aid of a professional landscaping and landscape lighting company.

Additionally, this lighting effect is best used sparingly and in situations where the hard work that goes into creating it can be appreciated without being drowned out by brighter landscape lighting.

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