How many times have you driven down a street in a neighborhood at night — maybe your neighborhood — and been aware that the only lights on were those above front doors, shining through windows, or that had been installed by the city at some point to improve visibility along the street. Have you ever wondered why there is more landscape lighting on residential properties?

At Lawnovations in Tulsa, we have, and we talk to our fellow Tulsa residents about it all the time. The number of reasons to consider landscape lighting for your home or business is quite large, but they’re not always things that are considered or that have the proper value placed on them. We think that it’s time that changed.

In today’s blog from the landscape lighting pros at Lawnovations — Tulsa’s trusted source for outdoor landscape lighting on commercial and residential properties — we’ll take a look at five reasons why landscape lighting is a sound investment for your home or business.

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There are no two ways about it. Properties that are better lit are safer than properties that are not. One of the single most common reasons that people end up investing in outdoor lighting for their home of business is to mitigate risk and improve safety.

In terms of criminal activity, a dark home is a much more attractive target for someone with bad intentions. The ability to move around a  home, case it, and even possibly enter it with a reduced chance of being seen from within or without due to a lack of landscape lighting makes it a prime target. 

When your home’s exterior is well lit, people who don’t belong on your property are easier to see — something that they are acutely aware of. This helps to protect you, your family, and your hard-earned home and the possessions within.

However, even beyond a reduced risk of criminal activity, landscape lighting serves a much more practical safety purpose. When the exterior of your home is dark, it can be hard to see rocks, shrubs, loose hoses, and any other myriad of objects that might cause someone to trip and injure themself. As the owner of the property, you’re liable for that. And while you might think that the upfront investment in attractive, effective landscaping lighting isn’t worth protecting against something that might not happen, you’ll quickly wish you had thought otherwise when your insurance premiums go up after a claim against you.


Landscape lighting transforms your home from a dark blob against the gentle, starred night sky into a nighttime sight to behold, all on its own. Whether you choose to take the approach of shadowed lighting by placing lights behind shrubs, trees, and other objects that will be illuminated and create contrast from the property itself, or you want to light up your home with accent lighting beneath planters and facing your newly painted siding or newly installed windows, landscape lighting can literally make your home shine.

This makes your home a much more welcoming place for those who live there, but also for guests who are attending dinner parties, late football watching events, or other special occasions at your Tulsa home.


Along with providing a more welcoming atmosphere for guests, properly installed outdoor landscape lighting can actually increase the functionality of your outdoor space for friends and family alike. If you’re anything like the team at Lawnovations, then the dim hours between dusk and the deep evening are some of your favorites to be outside (assuming you have your mosquitos under control).  However, if you’re relying on the deck or porch lighting alone, then not only are you drawing all the bugs toward you, but you’re limited by the amount of space that you can work, hangout, or play in with enough light to see.

With landscape lighting from Lawnovations, you can enjoy creative, beautiful direct or accent lighting for your outdoor space that provides illumination for a wide range of uses, allowing you to utilize your entire outdoor space no matter the time of day or night. Backyard barbecues can be bigger and better than ever before, and you can still enjoy the outdoors with bugs buzzing right over your head as they congregate at the light over the backdoor.


A well-lit home has increased curb appeal, and while prospective buyers of your home are unlikely to see it at night, a savvy real estate agent will happily point out that your home is well lit, identifying the landscape lighting to interested parties while showing your property.

This helps buyers see the same value that we’ve pointed out in the above three points: safety, increased functionality, and improved aesthetics — all things that entice a buyer to make a more aggressive offer on your home.

Neighborhood Improvement

When you make your home safer, you make your neighborhood safer. When you make your home less likely to have an insurance claim made against it, you’re taking care of keeping lower premiums for everyone in the area. When you improve the look of your home, you get to share with all of your neighbors as well. All of the benefits of landscape lighting extend well beyond the illumination of your yard — they go all the way out into your neighborhood, making it a better and more valuable place to live or rent. 

Best of all, when you begin to set the trend, you may notice that others in the area also take up the cause. Whether they are trying to keep up with neighborhood trends or they just begin to see the tangible benefits for themself — we can’t say for sure — it’s not uncommon that we provide landscape lighting at one home in a neighborhood and receive a call from a house down the street within a couple of weeks.

What’s good for you is good for them, and your investment in stunning, or even simple, outdoor landscape lighting can start a cycle that quickly comes back to benefit everyone involved from start to finish.

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